Twitch Emote Maps

NEWS: TEM v. 2.1 is now available!

Twitch Emote Maps is a software mapping script developed by twitch user "php1r" for

easier, faster and more consistent typings of twitch emotes and commands by only using a few chars.

You simply write a "comma" before the shortcut you want to make, and the beginning of that emote

",ka" will result in "Kappa" (No caps needed for the shortcuts either)

Twitch Emote Maps Version 2.1 (recommended)

Twitch Emote Maps Version 2.1r (If you have problems with the script stopping to work)

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A little tip:

If you want this script to always run when windows is started,

you can locate it in your startup folder on windows

link how to do that

Downloaders comments.. lol

Alkobakknarko its really fuking sik OMGScoots
MrToiletSeat What is this shit? I love it
Kirawalo fuck this ph guy is good ,kr
RetroRuns yo PHP that crazy, mad Props to php
Stevemassey Fokin gr8 m8. ,ha
Jamirobruno works perfect!
Luke994 ,om
xSiggen That's quite awesome dude :o
Bananas_inc ummm..... hi. eat more chicken noodle soup while typing fast emotes
Edisontrent1337 :D it's like a dream man

How to start/exit script

start: You start the script by double clicking on it, and go ahead typing whatever shortcut you want, find them below.

exit: You exit the script by typing: !exit